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27,5 tommer QX Muni Disc Q-axle
27,5 tommer QX Muni Disc Q-axle
27,5 tommer QX Muni Disc Q-axle
27,5 tommer QX Muni Disc Q-axle
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 27,5 tommer QX Muni Disc Q-axle
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 4.095,00 kr.
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Leveringstid: 7-10 dage


A new bike trend: 27.5" - Now also in the Muni scene available!
Ligther and more agile as 29" Muni, faster and better over bumps rolling as a 26" Muni. 27.5" is an alternative between that sizes.
You don't have to decide "Muni or Cross" - 27.5 is both!

The 27,5 inch Muni QX Disc comes in package with a disc brake for a really good price! Disc brakes tend to perform equally well in all conditions including water, mud and snow and offers a better control.

The Q-Axle disc-brake unicycles are the successor of the QX disc-braked unicylces. The ISIS axle has here been replaced by a technique that has been used in the cycle industry since 2002: The axle has a 24mm diameter instead of the ISIS-typical 22mm and is more hollow which makes it lighter (the bigger diameter allows a thinner wall). The cranks are no longer tightened as much on the axle as possible - but precisely positioned by an alloy cap and then fixed by tightening 2 allen-key-screws on the crank. The crank-connection has less wear and is more resistant to frequent assembly/dissassembly. Also, just like from tapersquare to ISIS, the connection-surface that transfers the pedaling-power is bigger.

Thanks to the more hollow-drilled axle, already the hub is more than 130g lighter than its ISIS-predecessor. It also makes the axle stiffer. As the bearings still keep the same outer-diameter, the hubs are compatible with all ISIS-ready-frames.

- Wheel size: 507mm (24 Inch)
- Color: White, black
- Frame: QX Aluminum frame Disc with gauge-guide (clips)
- Saddle: QX Eleven
- Seat post: 25,4 mm alloy seatpost, black, diamond-knurled surface
- Seat clamp: 2-bolt seatclamp, black, QX-series
- Tire: 75-507 (24x3.0 Inch) Duro
- Valve: Schrader Valve
- Rim: 27,5 Inch extra wide double-walled rim , black
- Hub: Q-Axle Disc-hub, red
- Cranks: Q-Axle Dual 125/145mm cranks, anodized grey
- Pedals: QX-pedals, transparent
- Brake: Shimano Disc / two-piece 160mm rotor
- Number of Spokes: 36
- Weight: 5,8 kg incl. brake + rotor!
- Leg length: 76cm - 103cm - the short one with a cut off seatpost.

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